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Preview of a lil' Robo B. Bee

Dear Annette,

I hope you are doing well and hope your pomegranate has set more flowers this year. About your plants- One of our ongoing projects has been yielding remarkable results. The heart of this project is those robotic bees I’m sure you’ve seen at the local nurseries. While they are primarily manufactured in sets of hives, we couldn’t help but think of you.

Once you set it up it should be more than capable of helping you care for all of the plants you have inside. On top of pollinating, it can help control temperature, light exposure, and humidity, and even makes honey when enough pollen is available. I hope you like it! Call me if you run into any challenges. We’re trying to shuffle things around to visit this summer.

With acres of love,

Jeanie & Maxt

Well, there she has it; confirmation of the good intention of the package. Annette’s shoulders loosened a bit and her heart gave a little flutter. She has seen these bees in the nurseries. They’ve been helping in rebuilding the agriculture industry, revitalizing endangered plant species and new species production, and improving crop yields. Some are even paired with live bee hives as a form of protection. They’ll inform the beekeepers of hazardous conditions or predators they can’t take care of themselves. But just one, just for her.

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