Creative Services

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Note: This list is only popular and frequently requested services. If you have a project that has a more specific/special need, contact me directly and fill me in! I am very easy to work with and also love to learn and do new things! 

Referral program: If you refer someone who becomes a paying client- either you or them can receive 10% off your next order. Can stack up to 30% for one purchase! 

Early Supporter Discount: Like, follow, subscribe on social medias for extra perks! 

(Orders above $100 can be 50%down/50% at delivery upon request, the 50% down is non-refundable if project is cancelled. Otherwise full down non-refundable to start.)

Character Designs/Art


Sketch ~ $40

Line & Color ~ $75

Painting ~ $100

Full Figure
Sketch ~ $75

Line & Color ~ $125

Painting ~ $175


Starting at $250

Writing your own stories? Playing a new D&D Campaign? Want to surprise your bestie with a glamorous portrait? 

Fully customized Character Design and Character Artwork. I work with you one on one to figure out all the awesome details to give your creation the persona it's craving! 


Want a full character package? Want more than a standard painting? Can include the portrait, full figure, sketches (if applicable) and can include add-ons like familiars, multiple characters, etc.  This package is variable and discounted for awesome character build needs.
Already have a design? 20% off all Character Art Services! If you have a BUNCH of characters you want done- More discounts!

Special Occasions/ Illustration

Simple Cards 

Starting at $50

Intricate Illustrations
Starting at $100

Extravagant Illustrations

Starting at $200

Have a sweetie you want to surprise with a custom valentine card?  Or a birthday party you want custom invitations to go out for RSVPs? Or even your bestie is getting married and you want an awesome custom frameable scene to gift them?

What ever the case, what ever the cause, what ever the situation: Let's bring your idea to life! 

Logos & Branding

One Logo 

Starting at $100

Logo Package
Starting at $300

Professional Branding

Contact for Quote

Every business, every streamer, every vlogger, every weirdo bold enough to brave the internet and public world need an identity! Something for their audience to recognize as, "Hey- that's them!" 

What ever your brand, what ever your public personality, what ever you need to make your world go around- Let's make your identity spark! 

Price quotes include for Twitch and Youtube Streamers. Packages can include various banners, mini-logo variants, headers/footers. Formats for the logo packages will be .png format unless otherwise specified. 





Contact for more Info! 

While I am very open about helping and fulfilling visual communication needs to the every day person- I simply love what I do and will find any way to stay busy until you contact me! I absolutely love working on complex and larger projects towards more long-term goals. 

And in all honesty... I really just want a chance to be a productive nerd. 


You are welcome to contact me directly and/or learn more about me! I am very eager to hear from you. :)