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Next up: Motivation & Management

WHEN: Wednesday February 22nd at 6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET WHERE: Twitch or Youtube

WHO???: Your friendly bestie Richelle!

The next M&M Workshop has been put on the books! Some of you have had your early-supporters perks for this workshop, but there's still time. By signing up below you will receive a special survey where you can tell me what you struggle with and we'll cover it in the workshop. Things already being discussed:

- Art Block / Mitigating Burnout

- Optimizing Learning and skill dev

- Time & Task Management

- Professional tips - Building better habits

- Setting effective goals

This workshop has been previously exclusive to the Drawaholic's Anonymous as a "Personal Development Workshop" so it is very exciting both the community and this workshop are evolving in these ways! Note: Signing up this way is not required! It is only if you'd like to anonymously discuss some of the challenges you're facing at the workshop. If you're viewing this after the fact: Don't worry this isn't a missed opportunity! M&M Workshops will probably happen a couple times a year.

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