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About Me

Richelle L. Cowan, aka "NerdBird"

It was in 2016 that Richelle's adventure into the Creative Industry really started. She grew up as an avid reader, enjoying books from authors like Goodkind and King since early elementary. Work after graduating with her BFA Illustration has been it's own set adventures! With being proud part of numerous teams working in various positions like: Production Artist, Pre-Production Artist, Assistant Direction, Art Director, Production Manager, and Operations Manager/Director.

Meanwhile the Art-Life Program was born from her both experiences as a Student Success Mentor and her own personal life experiences. There are more struggles behind growing as a creative besides skill development, and many of it can be coached through and overcome. Looking for guidance should never be an embarrassment. Such is the pursuit of the program!

It is also with great pride and enthusiasm that, since early 2023, Richelle is officially beginning the production of Stars of the Sovereignty, a novel series, along with numerous other side quests. 


Being busy beats being bored! Time to make our own adventures.

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Nerd Bird
Richelle L. Cowan
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