Richelle L. Cowan



Meet Richelle, "NerdBird"

      Richelle is a dedicated artist based in Denver, Colorado. Having grown up a high-level reader, acute interests in science/nature, and an avid fan of books, movies, and games alike- Being a nerd comes naturally and lead to her fun pen name; NerdBird. It was a simple decision to pursue a professional art degree to become even more immersed in the development of new and beloved universes. 

      She graduated proudly in Spring 2021 from the Academy of Art University with her desired Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration. Within her degree she covered many topics like Fantasy Illustration, Concept Art, Sequential Art, World Building, and even tailored her Liberal Arts to partake in advanced writing courses for Script and Fiction writing. 

      What was not planned, but highly regarded, was her immersion in extracurricular activities like the Drawaholics Anonymous and mentoring programs. Not hesitating to help out fellow students where needed, or contribute her non-art related skills to help build the Drawaholics community. The group itself is based around the 2,500 Drawing Challenge and since her time in leadership the community has seen a consistent level of growth and activity. She contributed greatly to their goal "Creating a Culture of Excellence."

      Richelle tends to be at her happiest with a regular level of busy. Whether its balancing the numerous professional projects, working on developing her own story universe (Stars of the Sovereignty), or relaxing to writing D&D campaigns and researching a series- there is no end to things she finds enjoyment in. It is rare for her to come across something she can't find enjoyment in somewhere.

     The core of her passion lays with balancing loads of ideas and bringing them together in a cohesive and entertaining way. Words, pencil and paper, digitally- doesn't make a difference to her so long as the aspect of creation is strong. And there is where her strength lays, filling that singular need of bringing ideas to life no matter how complex or large they seem at first. 

      So, if you are a prospective client or employer: Just as you intend for your audience;

                                                                                                                                                     Adventure is waiting!