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Art-Life Coaching & Consultation

Balancing work, life, family, friends, schooling, pets, and your own hopes and dreams can be an extreme challenge! Here we analyze your current situation and where you want to be to formulate a Game Plan that fits your unique needs and unique you. 

This "Game Plan" can combine ideal practices for you from Art Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Life Wellness, and Professional/Project Management to formulate a plan that works best with you. Then we can meet several times as directed by the Game Plan to see how you're progressing, evolve the plan, and see to extra coaching sessions if needed.

This is for people of ANY level and in ANY line of work! The only prerequisite is if your desire to grow is stronger than your desire to stagnate. Whether you are trying to start a new venture or strengthen and balance your current endeavor: You can find guidance here to help you reach those long term goals and improve your work-life balance!

Frequent Challenges Faced:

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Time & Task Management

Take control of your projects back! Become the master your time and work-life balance. Make deadlines and checkpoints stress-free! 

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