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Art-Life Coaching & Consultation

Mentoring for the new artist & Therapy for the experienced!

Balancing work, life, family, friends, schooling, pets, and your own hopes and dreams can be a big challenge! Here we analyze your current situation and where you want to be to formulate a Game Plan that fits your unique needs and unique you. If that is simply someone to talk to regularly, what ever you need from your creative therapist you can find here.

This "Game Plan" can combine ideal practices for you from Art Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Life Wellness, and Solution-Orientation to formulate a plan that works best with you. This is for people of ANY level and in ANY line of work! The only prerequisite is if your desire to grow is stronger than your desire to stagnate. Whether you are trying to start a new venture or strengthen and balance your current endeavor: You can find guidance here to help you reach those long term goals and improve your work-life balance!

Frequent Challenges Faced:

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Time & Task Management

Take control of your projects back! Become the master your time and work-life balance. Make deadlines and checkpoints stress-free! 

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Art-Life FAQ's

What if I'm not an artist but would still like your help and services?

Absolutely reach out! 99% of the things we work on in Art-Life Coaching can be converted to several industries! There is a lot of commonality between every one and is another reason where a unique Game Plan is so important!

I simply have art experience and understanding that can supplement meeting many creative's unique needs. Going into/Being in the art industry is not mandatory for my services. I welcome non-artists just the same!

What platforms do you use for virtual meetings?

Google Meets, Zoom, Discord Video Chat, and a few others are already in my toolkit. Google Meets is fairly universal so it is the default but ultimately I am flexible to your preferences. My only hard line is Video, as I need to be able to see you and your non-verbal language to best understand you. (Pajamas accepted!)

I don't see an option for subscription services... Do you not have any monthly options?

My goal for everyone is that I am NOT needed after a handful of sessions. Subscriptions could foster a dependency on me, when I'm actually working to build you up to productive independence. However: If you do need more long-term help there is an option and it is available only on a case by case basis. 

Why does the Starter Package only say "30 minutes" but it has four sessions?

30 Minutes is the Consultation Session time where you tell me about you, your challenges, and your goals. We start formulating your game plan and also schedule the rest, it just doesn't show on the list is all. Check-ins include message windows between sessions to see how you're doing.

Can you really work with my team to help improve their work environment?

Absolutely. I've many years in larger work environments and in team management, and much of the Art-Life properties also apply to team environments and optimizing goal achievement. Like with individuals: Your team, your company, and your goals are all unique, so we will need to analyze and formulate on a unique basis! Art-Life Help can be very dynamic in this regard. Schedule a "Company Services Consultation" so that I know you're seeking help for a team/company.

So... You work with people who have neurodiverse issues like squirrelling and goblin mode and stuff?

Yes! I work from both personal experience and mentoring experience. The key to every Art-Life Session is that there is no "cookie cutter" formula- we build one that is unique to your quirks and needs from the first step! If your desire to improve and optimize is greater than your desire to stagnate; you're in the right place. :)

Can I still get your help if I am a ______ or a _____ ?

My services are completely inclusive to identities, preferences, disabilities, and more. I honestly do not mind! If you have a disability and require accessibility assistance, let me know in the booking form- I can work with assistance provisions if needed. When it comes down to it, the only restriction I have is language, English, but even if it's not your first language: Technology is a beautiful thing. We can certainly set something up! 

Note: While I am versed and certified: I am NOT a licenses physiologist or psychiatrist.  Everything I do can supplement but not replace professional help if that is what you need. I also cannot and will not write prescriptions. Nor am I Crisis, if anything I am rehab after crisis is averted to help you build back up your life. IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS: Call or text 988 or chat / If you struggle with substance abuse: /If you are in a Domestic Violence situation: or 800.799.SAFE (7233)

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