Stars of the sovereignty

Stars of the Sovereignty (SOTS) began development during the course of Richelle's Illustration Degree. Once graduated development launched full time. SOTS will be released as a WebComic/Graphic Novel. Meanwhile: Story driven homebrewed D&D Campaigns will be aired live in the backstory and history of the main story line! Experience the SOTS in two epic and in-depth ways. Community members and VIP Patrons will receive various exclusive content, behind the scenes, and be among the first to have access to a lot of the SOTS World as it develops! 


" The dedicated scientist, Atara, lives and works humbly on her island home, and through her research she has contributed many medical advancements in the world. Recently she uncovered something that mortals evidently weren’t supposed to have leading her to be brutally attacked, kidnapped, and her lab destroyed. Selene, who’s whole existence is a secret, works hard to move from convenient suspect to resolute ally as she helps in the hunt. Together Selene and Atara’s best friend, Isen, embark through the realms of legend in pursuit of Atara’s captors. Their hunt also incidentally triggers the long-awaited rebellion against the galaxy’s oppressive sovereignty."