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Stars of the Sovereignty (SOTS)

The world of SOTS has been brewing since 2016. The art below represents a small fraction of the stories contained with in it's universe, and much of the designs outdated through the world's development. Currently the history of SOTS is being explored through a series of TTRPG games, streamed lived and posted for later viewing. The present of SOTS is intended for Novels/Audiobooks, and currently in production. Stay tuned in the blogs, with videos, over social medias, and more personally in Nerdbird's Nest Discord server.

" The dedicated scientist, Atara, lives and works humbly on her island home. Through her research she has contributed many medical advancements in the world. Recently she uncovered something that mortals evidently weren’t supposed to have- leading her to be brutally attacked and her lab destroyed. Selene, who’s whole existence has been a secret, works hard to move from convenient suspect to resolute ally to help in the search. Together Selene and Atara’s best friend, Isen, embark through the realms of legend in pursuit of Atara’s captors. A hunt that triggers the long-awaited rebellion against the galaxy’s oppressive sovereignty."

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