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Home of "Motivation & Management", Stars of the Sovereignty (SOTS,)  and various projects and nerdy shenanigans! 

Please, explore and make yourself comfortable. Grab you some hydration and let me know if you have any questions! Plenty of things to be found here for artists, professionals, and fans of all sorts! 

Welcome to Nerdbird's Studio!

Services & Content

Art Portfolios

See various art portfolios and posts by Richelle and the Nerdbird's Nest community!

Creative Services

Art and design services available. Illustration, Concept Art, Project or Team Management, and more.

Writing / World Building

Blog Posts, Sneak Peeks, SOTS Content, Blurbs, Updates, and News from around the Studio!

STAY IN THE KNOW with ALL the updates! :D

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Some Media Feeds

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