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Nillion's Journal ~ Prologue

Inside the cover of the tattered yet sturdy tome, a parchment was folded neatly only once. It reads in illuminating handwriting laced with care and consideration, fitting for the writer is a mage. They tend not to write something down unless it is important, thusly making it counter-intuitive to rush and scribble. Given the legibility he greatly cared to pass on such information:

Humble Zigza,

“I remain blissfully ignorant of the dangers this book holds” shall we say in an attempt to absolve us if this book is found in either of our possessions, but I trust your sturdy judgment. Perhaps you feel the same forces surrounding this as I do. Here is the information you may want to know ahead of time:

This book was recovered from a road that forks between Dininhi and the forest of Eventide. There was a small clearing and a hill that guarded it with its massive knotted tree. A bed of moss blankets adorned the hill inviting all who pass to respite on their travels. It was found without any writing supplies or travel items, no signs of struggle nor was it positioned in such a way that it fell out of someone's back. It appeared to simply be waiting there, patiently.

As a proper mage, I should have immediately turned this small tome into the Hall of Memory for records alone… But also a proper mage there are forces in the Aether I choose to respect and fear far more than any authority backlash. I was compelled when visiting you to pass this book on along with its origins on my path. Where it goes from you I hope is as swift and silent as a gentle breeze. Your possession of this does bring me trepidation, but as is any situation that does not involve you entirely safe and in your nook of the shops.

I did some research at the library in Chenogawa, as well. There was a copy of the Le Thalas ledger from the first century where it verified many named individuals properly. Others probably have never seen their name in written format let alone documented citizens, but you will learn about them. The two main people mentioned were marked in as students but signed out as deserters. This is not uncommon in the first years of the treaty, so it’s difficult to say if it was legitimate defection or simply decided to move elsewhere on a whim. In either case please inform me as soon as this moves on to the next step of its mysterious journey.

Honorably yours,


It is further noted that this journal sat comfortably on one of her many shelves for quite some time before a party of misfits, including one intriguing newborn Nanllyl, happened into her shop. Following the same instinct as they browsed her wares she, too, passed it on to that being... Unsure of why then or why them but still honoring that gentle tugging within her own aether- compelling her to continue the journal's journey unhindered.

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