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Nillion's Journal ~ Part 1

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Stjernedato 34, Seeding Season

Le Thalas Citadel, the Skygge Realm

It’s been two years since the separation of the Realms settled down from the Civil War. Prime Minister Jhonosetios was gracious to let Grand Master Oraenos move the Citadel to his realm. It sounded like the other Prime Minister had very different ideas for our school and is frequently requesting more access and control. This doesn’t trouble me as much as the Grand Master Oraenos’ next expedition to continue researching the World Builders. Due to the expected duration of the trip and my status as a student, he’s reassigned me to Master Rumnuen who is an Elementalist. A small setback not having another Memory Path teacher. Take for example being assigned this journal endeavor, which is reserved for higher-level students and their own explorations. But perhaps this is my new master’s way of supporting my studies he may not understand. At least this is only until my true Master returns.

Oraenos is a warm and fatherly figure to everyone regardless of status, Path, or age. We all respect his wishes to go on this venture and eagerly await to see what new and profound insights he acquires. His replacement, Grand Master Zinul, however, makes us wish for a rather swift return. He’s been found to be short-tempered and reclusive leading us to wonder how he was selected for such a weighted position. I do reserve my thoughts on his performance thus far hoping that he is just taking longer to acclimate than is comfortable for everyone else.

Our Citadel made it through the move needing only a few repairs and modifications to adapt to its new location. Its emptiness however is not so decent… Many mages passed away in the war while others that survived continue to work on recovery efforts. We are also no longer near any other population center so the few visitors we do get are prospective students or staff. Anyone who would like to visit must travel by portal, a hefty feat in itself, or travel by foot. Not even factoring in the vast plateau walls; the nearest community of Hinolo is a few days away. They also sit on top of the plateau and travel to them is its own journey, but are the most accommodating of travel up the plateau ridge. Some of us have had to adjust to the isolated serenity while others have found the peaceful study very welcome. I can see more of why Oraenos requested this location and its surroundings.

May you not even need Turagoa’s protection on your journey, Master. Know that you are fondly missed.

* * *

Stjernedato 35, Vår Måne 1

Le Thalas Citadel, the Skygge Realm

Continuing on thoughts from my previous entry: Our citadel’s population is very low. It is about one-sixth of its available residence and I am the only one on my path in my class, even. This has been making learning tedious and erroneous but it seems we are all on the same ship and support each other’s paths however possible. Master Rumnuen has voiced appreciation for having such variety in his current class groups. We assume this is simply an attempt to bring comfort to our current learning situation, but he seems genuine enough. In my group there are only six others as follows:

Xalni is following Annurzael in wanting to help train a new and more unified civil service generation. It sounds like despite the new realms being separated in more than just physical space they want to have the same services across all of the High King’s rule. “In a perfect set of worlds,” as Master Rumnuen says. Assisting with this military endeavor fills him with obvious purpose. When speaking to Xalni, though, try not to point out how childishly giddy he becomes when the cool battle magic is brought out.

Jogniern is interested in being on the Mages Council one day like one of his dear friends. He does show a great aptitude for general magic and adapts well to new information. He has a pragmatism to him when faced with political events even despite politics causing him undisclosed tribulation. I think he’ll get the hang of things eventually and manage monumental accomplishments for us all.

Talni is our strange one. They already have signed up to be a Realm Ambassador, even having working experience under the Ard Righ’s personal messenger: Arkiris. They seem bitter about having to return to studies and we wonder if that attitude is responsible for their reassignment to studies. Without that bit of knowledge, it would appear normal for Talni to opt for taking notes instead of participating. One would even mistake them for a scribe or inquisitor for how to focus on their notes with such fervor.

My fondest choice of peers is Lanessa, for reasons that will be made obvious. A beyond wonderful student on the Path of Healing. She’s confided in me her parents were abhorred by her request for Druidism so she settled for another nature-based magic path that was less “filthy and primal.” We often speculate if healers will be needed in such high demand once the effects of the war stop bleeding and scar over. I, for one of our few, think she’d make a fantastic forest mage. Her hair even shines like harvest colors at their brightest while her eyes beckon you into the greens of the deepest forests. We’ve stayed up conversing over many nights while trying to get acclimated to our new spectacular nebulous skies, or at least a little less dumbfounded by the sight. I do not mind the lightness feeling when she graces me with her company, I can only respectfully hope she might feel the same one day. A day I will dream of eagerly.

Cazzouth is the final member of our class. An unfaltering obsession with conjuration and elemental magics consistently dominates his attention. Secondly, if anyone took Oraenos’ leave the hardest; it has been him. More so than his daughter, Lanessa, who is as hopeful for his endeavor as his return and no less supportive. Compared to her, Cazzouth has been outright indignant and broody. Resentment from being denied to join him on his Master’s journey, no doubt. World Builders are god-like creatures whose very breath can conjure something into existence! Being in their presence personally would greatly contribute to his growth as a conjuration mage. So, his resentment over being denied attendance is understandable, though his behavior hasn’t been favorable. He does make up for the loss of his tutor with extra long hours in the library and even more in the laboratory. His latest obsession is over the kinds of connections a disembodied soul can make either whole or fragmented. The creation of the Purifiers by Oraenos here at the citadel must have enraptured him in his soul to witness!

* * *

Now that we’ve covered the immediately pertinent people- I can start documenting our curious current events. What has been happening is largely agreed upon to be noteworthy and not quite right. I’d say strange, but that pales in comparison to having our world literally torn in two and moved to opposite sides of our cosmos like bickering toddlers… But ‘strange’ is close enough along with ‘troubling.’ Grand Master Zinul has been receiving a higher volume of messengers in both number and status. Talni has been captivated by their comings and goings, gleaning as much information as they can from rushed passing conversations. This has suited us just as well to have them distracted from our inquiries. Packs of rangers have been witnessed being dispatched from our grounds in the night but rarely seen arriving. The biggest pack we witnessed had a complement of over a dozen, but no group having the same folk. On rare instances of a return, they are often greatly injured or having their memories interrogated to the point of incapacitation. It’s a wonder any ever make it back at all given the states they eventually pass from…

I was able to inquire with one of Turagoa’s aides that saw to one of the returning rangers about this, who happened to be Zammona; Turagoa’s sister of all people! In any other circumstances, I would’ve not tarried like a child asking why several hundred times. She told me she was baffled… But her demeanor and lack of investigative initiative told me otherwise. She clearly knows what’s happening to these shells that were once rangers. I do not hold this unfavorably against her though, choices of discretion should not be always read as personal slights. Cazzouth also tries to spend time with the returnees when Sibyl, our main groundskeeper and den mother, is preoccupied. This brings us some concern but no real effects from his visits have revealed themselves. We have concluded unless anything changes that perhaps he is just overserving their current state of being for his own studies.

It would also seem that with every failed expedition our Grand Master’s agitation increases. I fully intend to continue documenting these events, keeping the journal stowed in a place Sibyl has suggested and sharing the sentiment that our concern should not be mistaken for trespassing needlessly. So, we shall spare any possible student room investigation incidents. We are fortunate to have Sibyl’s support and help to facilitate the subtlety of our efforts.

* * *

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